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Play Video Games With Your Mind

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:37AM

First we had headsets worn by cows, now we have headsets granting mind control. Okay, I fib a little...you won't be able to control other people's minds or actions, but you will be able to control the actions of characters in video games. Thanks to a Emotiv's EPOC headset (due out by the end of the year), user will be able to perform actions in video games with a simple thought. Its initial setup has you imagine eleven cognitive actions (such as lift, push and pull) for a few seconds each so that the device can learn how your brain operates. The device is also able to track emotions and expressions, so if it detects "boredom", it can send a message back to the game to crank of the difficulty level (assuming the developers take advantage of that). Tests have shown that it could be rather difficult to learn, but once you do, the results are astonishing. With an asking price of $299 (bundled with an adventure game that takes advantage of the device), it's also certainly more reasonable than one would have guessed. Its necessity is questionable, but you've got to admit it would be really cool to watch your MMO character perform emotes based on your emotions and thoughts.

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