Patriot Vortex Kills Excess RAM Heat

razor - August 4, 2008 04:59PM in Cooling

Performance DRAM and flash memory maker Patriot knows that overclocked parts generate tons of heat, and they've come up with a great way to combat performance killing temperatures. Named Vortex, Patriot's active memory cooler helps keep your clocked-up RAM chill out by taking advantage of dual 40mm fans spinning at 5000 heat destroying RPMs. And, you won't suffer from vibration-induced noise, because each Vortex unit actually sits in an unused RAM slot, and you can count on extreme stability, too, due to a dedicated 12v power connection - eliminating annoying voltage fluctuations. Vortex coolers can lower RAM temps up to 30%, enabling the higher clocks and performance that today's enthusiast demands!