EVGA Claims Total Nvidia Loyalty

razor - August 4, 2008 04:43PM in Video Cards

Updating a previous item, Nvidia board partner EVGA has gone public with a declaration affirming its complete loyalty to Team Green. An EVGA co-founder released a statement today that in no uncertain terms was it considering partnering with ATI to produce and sell Radeon cards, and that he felt that ATI was essentially trying to rattle Nvidia's cage by announcing that it had turned down an offer from Nvidia's most successful partner, given ATI's current competitive edge in the retail market. In the event that ATI and EVGA did come to a partnership agreement, it would certainly bother its current partners, as EVGA's lifetime warranty and excellent support out-class anything offered by Team Red. EVGA claims to currently enjoy a 60% market share in the US market, and could presumably enjoy similar success if it ever started selling ATI products.