Nvidia GPU Failure Not Limited To Mobile Chips

razor - August 4, 2008 03:17PM in Video Cards

We've previously reported that certain Nvidia mobile GPUs are prone to failure due to heat issues, but it seems that the problems may not be limited solely to mobile products. There are reports that every single GPU Nvidia has made recently is at risk of failure because of a problem with the solder that holds the chip to the PCB. Apparently, excessive hot/cold cycles cause the solder to become brittle and weak, and eventually the solder cracks, essentially severing the connection between the chip and PCB. It's worth noting that desktop GPUs are far less prone to this type of failure, because they are equipped with far superior cooling solutions, and the desktop environment is far more stable and experiences fewer temperature fluctuations than the laptop environment. The message here - take the steps necessary to make sure all of your components are properly cooled.