Sapphire Upgrades Cooling On HD4850

razor - August 4, 2008 02:54PM in Video Cards

It's pretty common knowledge that the Radeon HD4850 is an excellent video card at its price point, but man, do they run HOT! Well, Sapphire - a world-renowned ATI partner - has taken the lead and redesigned the card to incorporate a new, more powerful cooling solution! At the root of the upgraded cooler is a pure copper core that significantly increases cooling efficiency and decreases noise at the same time. Best of all, Sapphire ensured that their HD4850 will deliver all of the performance of the first generation HD4850s, but at an even lower price! The redesigned Sapphire HD4850 will start shipping this week, and like all HD4800 video cards, gives users the power they need to game using Microsoft's DirectX 10.1 API, run multi-GPU setups with CrossFireX technology, and enjoy a smooth HD viewing experience using ATI's AVIVO technology. Check out Sapphire's HD4850 product page for more info!