Intel Talks Larabee

razor - August 4, 2008 12:32PM in Video Cards

CPU giant Intel has been teasing its upcoming foray into the discrete graphics market, Larabee, for quite some time. Finally, we've got some concrete details on the GPU tech, and they're pretty interesting. First-gen Larabee products will feature multiple x86 Pentium-based cores padded with 256kb L2 cache per core, which will allow programmers to use languages they're familiar with - like C and C++ - instead of new languages like Nvidia's CUDA. This architecture has the potential to combine the throughput of a CPU and the parallel processing power of a GPU. These x86 GPU cores will also feature multi-threading and 64-bit instruction support, plus a bi-directional data path between each core that's 1024 bits wide, which helps reduce inter-core communications latency.