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The Ugly Side of Spore's Creature Creator Revisited

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:22PM

With the advent of Spore, one of this years most anticipated games, gamers rejoiced as Will Wright, the creator of the Sims series, strikes gold in video game territory. However, a mere day after the release of Creature Creator, which allowed players to mold and shape the creatures they may one day play as in Spore, things went awry. The dark and perverted army of the underbelly of the internet rose up and it too contributed to the growing army of creatures. There is one person who rises above the masses and distinguishes himself by the "Spornmaster". This 37-year old web developer claims to have spent hours on Creature Creator, slowly converting innocent creatures into masters of Kama Sutra. He states that what he does is "just something silly and juvenile". However, EA (Electronic Arts) and Youtube didn’t share his optimistic outlook and had began efforts pulling down this inappropriate content. This was met with harsh response by the few, but proud Sporn creators, and a website has been erected to preserve this dying breed of naughty creations. Micheal James of Calgary, Alberta commented to CNN that he notes the seriousness of "Sporn" to rival that of Child Pornography.

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