ZOTAC Announces 9800 GT And 9500 GT Series Cards

jammin - July 29, 2008 01:32PM in Gaming

ZOTAC today announced four new cards based on NVIDIA's latest GPUs, the 9800 GT and the 9500 GT. There are both standard and AMP! editions of the new cards, with the latter carrying higher clock speeds on the core, shaders and memory. The 9800 GT is essentially a small update to the popular 8800 GT, and therefore has a similar spec sheet (512MB of GDDR3 memory and 112 stream processors). ZOTAC is clocking its AMP! edition 9800 GT at 700MHz / 1700MHz / 2000MHz for the core / shaders / memory. The 9500 GT is aimed more at the budget gamer or HTPC build (early performance numbers are placing the 9500 GT rough on par with an 8600 GTS). Expect to see the cards at retailers soon.