Dell Issues BIOS Fix For Mobile GPU Meltdowns

razor - July 26, 2008 04:51PM in Video Cards

Dell is the first computer manufacturer to attempt to fix a long standing issue involving flaky Nvidia 8M-series GPUs in laptops, where the substrate material of the GPU fails under the high heat produced during use. Dell's solution is a BIOS-based alteration to the computer's fan profile, keeping the internal parts cooler than normal to help prevent the overheating that's causing premature component failure. Dell has also released a list of all affected notebook models, and advises owners who are already experiencing symptoms - including artifacting and outright video failure - to follow Dell's standard service procedures. This issue has already caused Nvidia to rework its earnings estimate for this year, earmarking $150-200 million dollars to cover repair costs and replacements. Let's hope Nvidia got this figured out while designing the 9-series mobile GPUs.

Updated for clarity - the GPUs in question are the 8400 and 8600 mobile chips, and this issue is not Dell-specific. HP and Asus have had similar issues, and Apple also uses these GPUs.