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Overclocking software for Mac Pros available

Category: Mobile
Posted: 06:21PM

Everyone knows that Mac Pros get the job one but what happens when you want to upgrade? Well, everyone also knows that you have to sell off your kidney to upgrade anything. Apple computers are some of the most expensive (if not the most) to upgrade, often costing over 100% more to upgrade than a similar non Apple system. Computer enthusiasts often overclock their systems to gain more performance, however most Apple computers are unable to be overclocked straight from the factory. Apple users have to rely on third party software to "unlock" the overclocking ability of their computers. Apple knows they charge an arm and a leg for upgrades which is why they don't allow you to overclock from the factory, that would be like them giving away upgrades and they certainly wont let that happen.
However just such a thing has occurred, some people over at ZDNET Germany have created a tool for overclocking Mac Pros. It is quite a basic program, only allowing for an increase in the FSB (linked to RAM speed).
You could expect to save up to $2,250 USD if your 2.8GHZ Mac Pro was stably overclocked to 3.2GHz.
Take that Apple!

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