Intel to Deny Nvidia Permission to Produce Nehalem nForce Chipsets

razor - June 4, 2008 02:39PM in Motherboards

This Intel vs. Nvidia thing has the potential to negatively affect consumers sooner than later. It seems as though Intel has decided to publicly negate the terms of a chipset licensing deal with Nvidia, which is specifically meant to prohibit Team Green from producing nForce chipsets for Intel's upcoming Nehalem processor family. This clearly puts Nvidia in a very interesting situation, as being unable to produce nForce chipsets will certainly have a negative impact on its bottom line - but if Nvidia fully licenses its SLI technology to Intel, which is what the CPU giant wants, they would effectively be putting themselves in an even worse position. Intel is clearly violating the terms of a licensing agreement, and it will be interesting to see how hard Nvidia will fight to retain rights that they are contractually due.