Pandora Desktop Music Application Becomes a Reality

oldfett - June 4, 2008 11:32AM in Software

Internet radio adds entertainment and relaxation to the home life while making the working mans every day grind just a little more bearable (if the boss isn’t around). One of the more popular internet radio publishers is a Music Genome Project known as Pandora which allows you to shape your own custom stations on the genre, artist or songs you like. Pandora is looking to update and expand its online radio onto your desktop through an application that resides in your system tray or dock depending if you have Windows or a Mac. Although this is a huge step forward for Pandora be warned that this is not a completed app just yet as it is still in its beta phase, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump in and test it out! The downside is that you will have to put up with some ads, as this is how the online version of Pandora is funded it would make sense that the desktop app would follow suit.