Cooler Master 80 Plus Silver Power Supply

Nemo - May 28, 2008 12:41PM in Power Supplies

Cooler Master announced it has achieved 80 Plus Silver certification for its UCP 900W power supply, the first ever for a power supply at this power rating. The 80 Plus certification program is designed to encourage power supply manufacturers to design units to achieve an operating efficiency of 80% or greater. Their UCP 900W unit reached this goal and then some by scoring an efficiency rating of 88% at rated loads of 50% which earned it a Silver level certification. Overall, the UCP 900W achieved an average 86.5% efficiency rating. Until now, no other manufacturer has been able to achieve this goal with a power supply of this rating. Certification is awarded at four different levels - Standard(80-82% efficiency), Bronze (82-85% efficiency), Silver (85-90% efficiency) and Gold (>90% efficiency). To put this achievement into perspective, according to the 80 Plus organization, only two other manufacturers have achieved a Silver certificate - Dell with two 255W PSUs and NXP Semiconductors with a 270W unit. No manufacturers have reached the Gold level to date.