Crime And Coincidence In Chicago - GTA vs. CTA

razor - May 6, 2008 04:56PM in General News

Not long ago, I reported that the city I call home decided to pull all Grand Theft Auto IV advertisements from its buses and train depots.  I'm now going to report that GTA's parent-parent company, Take Two Interactive, is suing the city that I call home for breach of contract and freedom of speech violations - arguing that Chicago violated a $300,000 advertising contract it signed with Take Two.  According to the agreement, CTA buses and train depots were to display GTA IV advertisements from April to June - but the city pulled the posters just days after their deployment, citing a recent surge in gun violence that claimed the lives of nine people.  I'd also be willing to bet Super Bowl XX that Mayor Daley didn't want any more bad press that might deter the Olympic Committee from selecting Chicago as the home of the 2016 Games.