Corsair - 4GB RAM Better Than 2GB

razor - May 6, 2008 12:20PM in Memory

Cutting-edge DRAM and Flash memory manufacturer Corsair has just released the findings of a study it conducted to determine the real-world impact of running 2GB RAM vs. 4GB RAM in a gaming system, and the results may surprise you.  The 4GB system really put a beat-down on the system equipped with only 2GB memory, showing a 46% frames-per-second increase in many popular games - including Crysis, shortened application load times, and improved multi-tasking performance - and the vast overall performance increase can be irrefutably linked to higher user productivity and a better gaming experience.  This test was performed on a system running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, but I need to mention that I have 4GB RAM installed and am running Vista Ultimate 32-bit, and can say with confidence that the performance increase is equally noticeable.  Corsair offers 4GB kits of its Dominator and XMS memory at many e- and retail locations.