Cubans Loving Post-Fidel Freedoms, For A Price

razor - May 6, 2008 11:26AM in General News

The people of Cuba must be absolutely elated at Fidel Castro's replacement by brother Raul, as they are - for the first time ever - enjoying the benefits of modern Western society.  From microwaves to cell phones, the bans Fidel placed on electronics are being lifted - and now comes word that computers are no longer off-limits, at least legally.  Unfortunately, many Cubans make very little money - sometimes lower than $20 per month - and the average desktop PC costs around $800, meaning many Cubans would have to save for years to be able to afford the technology.  To make matters worse, U.S. trade sanctions prohibit Cuba from accessing underwater fiber optic Internet cables - so the only Net access on the island comes via laggy, weather-sensitive satellite connections.  Here's hoping that Cuba's situation continues to improve, and that its citizens are soon able to take full advantage of their new-found freedoms.