Please Wash Your Hands Before Touching My Keyboard

razor - May 2, 2008 11:33AM in Bugs / Virus

Recent research, performed by a consumer group named Which?, found that one keyboard in its London office contained more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat.  Of 33 keyboards that were tested, four were found to contain enough bacteria to be labeled a public health hazard, and one of those was deemed so filthy that scientists demanded that it be removed from the scene and sanitized.  The researchers cited employees eating lunch at their desks as the most likely cause of the funk, as crumbs can easily fall into a keyboard and rot; also noted as prime offenders were employees who failed to wash their hands after using the bathroom.  Thankfully, the remedy is usually very simple - people just need to blow out the keys with some canned air and clean the keyboards' surface with a damp cloth, followed by a proper alcohol scrubbing.  This reporter has also been known to just toss his letter-typer into the dishwasher on occasion - although I must advise that anyone using a keyboard whose value is above $5 follow the cleaning instructions given by the science guys.