Google Makes First Sizable Job Cuts

jammin - April 3, 2008 05:41PM in Internet

Google has announced something of a first, as it plans to cut 300 jobs from DoubleClick, the online advertising company it aquired for over $3 billion. When companies such as Dell and Motorola are laying off thousands of workers, 300 might seem like a small number, but Google is still being relatively tentative in its statements about the cuts. DoubleClick has a US based workforce of around 1200, so 300 is a reasonable chunk of that, though Google has hinted towards this simply being part of the process of the companies merging (which does seem relatively logical on the surface). Google CEO Eric Schmidt has apparently also suggested that a further 300 jobs may go at a later date, involving the company's overseas operations. Some of the current round of lay-offs have already taken place, while others have been offered contract jobs or transitional positions.