Windows XP Ain't Dead Yet... Maybe

oldfett - April 3, 2008 12:40PM in Operating Systems

Microsoft has been trying to put the nail in Windows XP's sales for a while now with the most recent extension of sales until June 2008, but don't be too sure. Sure Microsoft has Vista to take over for XP, but it just doesn't work very well on low cost/budget PCs, imagine that! Because of this Microsoft has decided to let XP hang around for use in ultra-low-cost PCs until June 2010 or one year after the release of the next version of Windows, which ever comes first (I'm thinking June 2010). This extension is probably due to the recent popularity of low cost notebooks from ASUS, ECS, Everex and Intel. However as Microsoft feels that these machines will only require Windows XP Home, the original end of sales date of June 2008 is still in effect for the other versions of Windows XP.