Xbox 360 & Blu-ray? Will it ever end?

Andrewr05 - April 2, 2008 02:53PM in Optical Drives, Gaming, General News
This will now be the 3rd article that I have written about the possibility of Microsofts Xbox 360 console to utilize Blu-ray drives. I originally posted an article about Microsoft being in direct contact with Sony about using the medium and then I posted an article about Microsoft denying that they had ever talked with Sony. "Sources" now say (if that means anything by this point) that Lite-On is now developing BD-ROm drives for Microsofts console. The shipments of BD-ROM drives will begin in late 2008 and the "Sources" also say that a newer revision of the XBOX 360 will be produced with a 170W power supply opposed to the now 210W power supply which I'm assuming will be due to the BD-ROM drives lower power consumption.