Intel Shows Off Atom Based Ultra Portables

jammin - April 1, 2008 07:41AM in CPU's, Mobile, Prebuilts

It is looking more and more like ASUS were a little ahead of the curve when it released its Eee PC, as it appears we are going to be seeing a wide range of very similar machines from a variety of manufacturers in days to come. In the run up to the Intel Developer Forum, Intel were displaying a few Atom based machines which bear more than a passing resemblence to the popular ASUS model. Of course, ASUS itself will be adopting the Atom in upcoming Eee PCs so other companies will be playing catch up on an established brand. Also, while unidentified in the original link, Engadget have fingered the third machine in the line up as MSI's Wind PC (the name being further proof that far eastern marketing departments are a little out of touch with western culture).