Dell Begins Packaging Blu-ray Laptops for Under $1,000

oldfett - March 28, 2008 03:38PM in Optical Drives, Mobile

Dell is the first manufacturer out of the gate to introduce a Blu-ray capable laptop for under $1,000. The Inspiron 1525 laptops, one of Dell's lower end models, will have the ability to add a Blu-ray drive starting today. Certain criteria must first be met however, the laptop must have a higher end processor to take advantage of the Blu-ray drive, no Celeron processors need apply. The base price with a Blu-ray drive installed is $879, to install a Blu-ray burner it will cost you an additional $200 bringing that price up to $1,079. This is still a far cry from Blu-ray going mainstream, but I believe its a step in the right direction.