XP With Eee PC Now Official

jammin - March 6, 2008 05:48PM in Operating Systems, Mobile, Manufacturers, Software

The Eee PC has been a big hit, possibly bigger than even ASUS themselves had predicted. Since its launch, dedicated users have been installing versions of Windows XP onto the diminutive device. Well now you will be able to pick up a version of the Eee PC with a copy of XP pre-installed, along with some Windows Live programs such as Messenger, Mail and Photo Gallery as well as MS Works (though not in all regions). One would also assume that ASUS have done a little bit to cut down on the regular XP install so that it runs a little more smoothly on the Eee, though how much they may have tweaked can only be guessed at the moment. You can also expect a bit of a price premium for picking up an Eee-XP, probably something in the region of $30-$60 if previous predictions are anything to go by. Either way, it is good news for those who don't feel up to the task of getting Windows installed on an Eee themselves.