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The benefits of Bluray on PS3

Category: Gaming, Storage / Hard Drives
Posted: 11:04AM

Bluray guide - A lot of people might ask what Bluray is doing for their PS3 game content wise. The current PS2/PS3 DVD based games already look incredible and have some pretty big playable game areas. A single layer DVD can hold ~4.7GB and a dual-layer DVD can hold 9GB. Now taking into account what the current games look like imagine how much detail the developers could fit on 25GB, that's how much a SINGLE LAYER of a Bluray disc holds. The Bluray technology has been deemed "future proof" because it supports multiple layers for up to 200GB of storage. That is incredible, not only for the playable area size you could fit on that disc but the amount of detail and resolution of a game that could fit on it. Even maxing out a single layer of a BR disc would be an increase in every aspect of a game of more than 2.5 times the current levels that DVD allows.

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