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Enthusiast System Architecture Makes Important Progress

Category: Software, General News
Posted: 11:13PM


You may be asking the question "what exactly is Enthusiast System Architecture?" and I wouldn't blame you. Enthusiast System Architecture (or ESA) is an open standard for PC montoring and control, backed by NVIDIA. Now, PC monitoring involves things such as voltage and temperature reporting, fan speeds and all the associated software that comes with that. ESA aims to simplify and improve this process for the end user, giving them more control and a better overall experience. While this may sound like marketing fluff, the new standard just got ratified by the USB Implementers Forum so you are likely to see and hear more about it soon as it gets included in products. Other ESA partners include companies such as PC Power & Cooling, Cooler Master and Thermaltake. These standards will allow manfacturers to embed sensors in their products which can communicate data in real time to help optimize performance and troubleshoot problems.

While technically most things involved in ESA can be achieved already through existing software and hardware sensors, this should be a step in the right direction for making the process much less complex and generally more controllable. It also happens that the first ESA certified PC was released recently, in the shape of Dell's XPS 630. I would certainly suggest hitting the read link if you are still a bit confused, for some more information on ESA.

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