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Hello Kitty Online Goes Beta!

Category: Internet, Gaming
Posted: 09:14PM

SanrioDigital -

I know, I can hardly contain my excitement either. I mean, who hasn't dreamed of living in a wonderfully colourful Hello Kitty themed world? ...What's that? You haven't? Well, it is obviously not aimed at the same demographic as this site and none of our members are going to freely admit to being interested even if they were. Who knows, maybe an overly cutesy online gaming experience would be a nice release from blowing up everything in sight in games like Crysis or recreating that authentic "there are so many controls I wouldn't know where to start!" experience in your favourite flight-sim?

Hello Kitty Online starts you out in the aptly named 'Flower Kingdom', a 3D world with a sickeningly sweet colour pallette filled with all the kinds of charcters you would expect to find in the Sanrio (Hello Kitty's creators) world. Of course, most MMORPG work around a combat based system which usually involves slaying all kinds of monsters. While Hello Kitty does have a combat system, this is not the main focus. That is taken up by puzzles, mini-games, storylines and 'adventures'. Some of the features include being able to build and maintain your own house, run a farm and craft items including clothing and furniture. And the best part about it? Hello Kitty online is free to play, just download and away you go! Just don't get too excitied now, as the beta is a closed affair, but anyone is welcome to apply at the site.

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