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Downloading Illegally In The UK? Cutting Net Access Considered

Category: Internet, Copyright Infringers
Posted: 06:45PM

BBC News -

Illegal downloading of Music, Movies and Applications has been big news for a long time now, with the entertainment industry consistently making claims as to how much money it is costing them in lost revenue (don't ask me how they estimate these things). With an estimated 6 million people a year in the UK said to be downloading files illegally, it is likely that you'll know someone that does. A draft document that has surfaced today has gone as far to suggest those caught illegally downloading should have their internet access blocked. The government is stressing that any proposals are still in early stages, but from what has been reported it seems Internet Services Providers would come under pressure to take more responsibility for the traffic that passes across their networks.

The ISP Association has already come back with a statement claiming data protection laws would prevent them from checking the content of packets passed over their networks, stating that "ISPs are no more able to inspect and filter every single packet passing across their network than the Post Office is able to open every envelope." Of course, the body which represents the UK record industry has a slightly different opinion on the matter. It says that ISPs have done very little to address illegal downloading and should stop hiding behind privacy issues and claims the problem is too complex to resolve. Either way, entertainment industry pressure is the likely cause for the goverment investigating such legislation.

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