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Intel's new ultramobile processor: Silverthorne

Category: CPU's, Mobile, Storage / Hard Drives
Posted: 11:26PM

ars technica -

Intel's new ultramobile processor code named Silverthorne is quite powerful for its size; the approximately half inch by half inch processor is clocked at 2GHz. The processor has a TDP of 2W whilst running at 2GHz with an input of 1 volt, although the processor is confirmed to work at .5 volts albeit at a lower clock speed. The Silverthorne has 512K L2 cache a measly 47 million transistors compared to Intel's newest CPU the Core 2 Duo which has 290 Million transistors on the 2MB L2 cache versions. Intel also has some neat power saving features that they designed to differentiate their chips from the lower power consumption chips made by ARM. Calling the feature "C6" Intel has said that when in that mode of reduced power usage that the SRAM and a special circuit that can save the data to be awoken as the user sees fit will be the only components left on. Able to spend up to 90% of its time in this state Intel has stated that the chips power consumption in this mode is drastically decreased thus lowering its average TDP.

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