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Intel Reaches Two Billion Transistors

Category: CPU's
Posted: 01:40PM

BBC News -

Intel appears to be the first out of the gate with a processor that totes over 2 billion transistors, you heard me right 2,000,000,000. Intel is taking Moore’s law to heart, the law states that the number of transistors you are able to pack into a chip doubles every two years, this new chip has just about succeeded in that. The equivalent processor to this one, codenamed Tukwila, two years ago had just 592 million transistors. Tukwila is clocked at a modest 2.0 Ghz, but the increased transistor count is primarily used for memory, a move that Intel believes will make the chip much more efficient. Will Intel be able to keep up with Moore’s law, even with this release? It looks promising as Tukwila is based off of Intel’s 65nm technology, so shrinking it down will leave more space for expansion. Look for Tukwila in the second part of the year, however be prepared as its use is largely reserved for commercial servers.

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