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World's Fastest NAND Flash Memory Developed by Intel and Micron

Category: Memory
Posted: 05:28AM

Micron -

Micron, in partnership with Intel today announced a new high speed NAND Flash memory technology that can greatly increase the transfer rate for devices that use the silicon based storage. Designed on a 50nm process and  manufactured by a joint venture of the two companies, IM Flash Technologies (IMFT), the new memory is five times faster than conventional NAND and can reach speeds of 200MB/s (yes, that's megabytes) for reading data and 100MB/s for writing data. When you consider how much faster that is than current NAND memory, all sorts of possibilities open up. The company is working with key partners to develop technologies that will be able to take advantage of this improved performance.

Some examples where this technology could be used are suggested, such as hybrid hard drives to increase transfer rates two, or even four-fold. Digital video cameras would also be able to take advantage of the high speed memory to transfer high definition content. There is also the upcoming USB 3.0 standard to consider, with bandwidth aims of ten times that of USB 2.0 (up to 4.8 Gigabits per second). With that kind of performance possible, it looks like the popularity solid state memory has achieved recently will continue to grow. Mass production of the new memory is expected to begin in the second half of 2008. Don't expect it to be cheap!

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