Format Wars Continue, Toshiba Lowers Prices

Nemo - January 14, 2008 06:48PM in Optical Drives, Music / Video Players

When Warner Bros announced they would pull support for HD DVD and only publish titles in the Blu-ray format, many thought that settled the high-definition format question.  In fact, some said the lifetime HD DVD format supported by Toshiba could now be measured in weeks if not days.  Well, it looks as if Toshiba is not going down without a fight and said they are lowering prices on their HD DVD players.  That move leaves an entry level unit at only $150.  The highest end player would set you back about $400.  In addition, Toshiba reaffirmed its commitment to their existing partners and vowed to increase its marketing efforts.  Where does that leave the consumer?  Mainstream consumers might be swayed by the lower prices only to find themselves stuck down the road with a format for which there are no titles (insert inevitable Betamax vs. VHS analogy here).  Instead of a clearcut winner, it looks like the war will linger on for a bit longer.