Boeing Dreamliner could be vulnerable to hackers, FAA warns

Nemo - January 7, 2008 01:07PM in General News

The FAA issued a statement warning that the electronics of The Boeing Co.'s new 787 Dreamliner jet could be vulnerable to hackers because of the way critical flight systems are linked with services available to passengers.  According the the FAA statemnt the design of the 787 "... allows new kinds of passenger connectivity to previously isolated data networks connected to systems that perform functions required for the safe operation of the airplane. Because of this new passenger connectivity, the proposed data network design and integration may result in security vulnerabilities from intentional or unintentional corruption of data and systems critical to the safety and maintenance of the airplane."  A Boeing company spokeswoman told Wired magazine that Boeing was aware of the problem and had been working on it for several years with the FAA.