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Anti-Piracy Tool To Be Removed From Windows Vista

Category: Operating Systems, Software
Posted: 12:21PM

BBC News -

Many Windows XP users or former users have probably seen the Windows Genuine Advantage notifications pop up by now. This software was supposed to inform users that their copy of Windows may not be valid and gave them steps to take to validate it, in the hopes of cutting down software piracy. Windows Vista took this a step further with an anti-piracy tool dubbed "kill switch" by the public. This tool acts much like its predecessor WGA, however if you do not fix the problem Vista will be pushed into reduced functionality mode. Microsoft claims that this new and improved tool has cut the piracy of Vista in half compared to XP, but of course there have been problems. Many customers are finding that new legally obtained computers are failing validation and are being pushed into reduced functionality mode or else locked out of Vista all together. The tool is slated to be removed during the introduction of Vista Service Pack 1 and replaced with something much closer to the original WGA.

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