Sony Releases PlayStation 3 Firmware Version 2.0

road-runner - November 9, 2007 05:18PM in Gaming, General News

Sony released its PlayStation 3 firmware Thursday, a full version jump to 2.0. The changes in the firmware version 2.0 will be further integration of the PSP into the PS3 with Remote Start, which will allow users to turn their systems on and off remotely. Other new features noted are the addition of custom themes to personalize the XMB interface, the ability to build music and photo playlists, the creation of a PlayStation Network category on XMB, and parental controls which will be free until April 2008, after that you will have to pay an undisclosed fee. There was no mention of support for in-game XMB integration, private chats, or game invites. The firmware is available now using PS3's network update feature, or directly from SCEA's Network Update page.