World Community Grid to Aid Cancer Research

road-runner - November 8, 2007 07:11PM in General News

World Community Grid one of the largest public computing grids, consisting of more than 795,000 computers around the world started a new project Tuesday, Help Conquer Cancer. The goal is to improve the results of protein X-ray crystallography, which helps researchers not only annotate unknown parts of the human proteome, but importantly improves their understanding of cancer initiation, progression and treatment. By using The World Community Grid the time it would take to analyze 90 million images of crystallized proteins is reduced from 162 years, to between one to two years. "Even with the largest computers we have, it would not be possible to finish this task," said Dr. Igor Jurisica, who leads the research team at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Canada, where the work is being done. Also participating in the work are scientists at Princess Margaret Hospital and the University Health Network.