Samsung Launches Speedy SATA II SSDs

road-runner - November 5, 2007 10:11AM in Storage / Hard Drives

Samsung announced today a new generation of 64GB SSDs that use 8Gb, 50nm single-level-cell (SLC) flash memory chips. The new drives, which should be available in early 2008 come in 1.8" and 2.5" form-factors, also feature a new SATA II interface for faster performance. The drives have a sequential write speed of 100MB/sec and sequential reads of 120MB/sec. The previous Samsung 64GB offering has a 45MB/sec write and 65MB/sec read. Samsung's first 32GB SSD is rated for 30MB/sec writes and 53MB/sec reads. "The 64GB SATA II SSD is based on Samsung’s cutting-edge NAND technology with dramatically improved performance specs that are taking system performance to a whole new level of efficiency," stated Samsung director of NAND flash marketing Jim Elliott.