N.J. Man Gets Two Years Jail for AOL Spam Scam

road-runner - November 3, 2007 09:17AM in General News

Friday a New Jersey man, Todd Moeller, 28, was sentenced to 27 months in Federal Prison for sending junk e-mails. Moeller and Adam Vitale of New York plead guilty to violating antispam laws and defeating AOL's filter system. The two were caught by a government informant with whom they made a deal to send junk e-mails advertising a computer security program in return for 50 percent of the profits. Moeller had access to 40 different servers and was spoofing the e-mail header to avoid getting caught. Moeller told the informant he had profited $40,000 a month from other spam e-mail scams that promoted stocks, prosecutors said. Moeller and Vitale sent more than 1.27 million e-mails for the informant in a weeks time to AOL subscribers. Vitale's sentencing will be November 13.