News: Dell Latitude XT Tablet Specs, Images Leaked

LoArmistead - October 12, 2007 07:23AM in Mobile, Manufacturers

Dell announced that it would release a tablet PC earlier this year, and up to this point the only glimpse we had gotten of the new PC in action was a grainy video released by Dell. According to, the new XT will come equipped with a 12.1" CCFL or LED backlit display, a fingerprint reader, of course, Windows Vista. On the inside we'll have a ATI RS600ME northbridge and an SB600 southbridge paired with an X1250 GPU. For procesing power it will feature the new ultra-low voltage Core 2 U7600 @ 1.2Ghz, and will support up to 3GB of RAM. For power, we can look forward to 4, 6, and 9 cell batteries. According to the site, the tablet will launch November 5.