OCC News: Razer Gaming Guide - "Boot Camp for the n00b"

road-runner - October 11, 2007 07:05PM in Gaming, OCC News

New to Gaming on your PC? Razer the manufacturers of cutting edge gaming peripherals has come up with a Boot Camp guide with the beginner in mind. The guide is designed with basic gaming knowledge, things like setting up your equipment to help cut down on Carpel Tunnel, how to hold the mouse, mouse button functions and tweaking your computer. The guide also covers short cut keys, macro keys, setting up your headphones, using Teamspeak and Ventrilo for communication. Razer is also looking to improve the guide so send in your feedback and questions, and it may be in the next version of the guide. Go to Razer's website, and you can download the guide in PDF format after signing up, and give your feedback.