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News: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: War without end

Category: General News
Posted: 06:54PM

c|net - What if someone started a format war and nobody came? Everytime you get a group of panelists together to discuss the future outcome of the HD disc war, all you get is a bunch of marketing on why the panelists' preferred HD camp is going to win. Whenever a report is released showing one format ahead of the other, another report is released showing the complete opposite, as was Netflix's recent poll that puts HD DVD preference far beyond Blu-ray Disc shortly after it was shown that Blu-ray Disc sales occupy 66% of the retail HD market. With only a trace amount of the total market having converted to HD titles, it is still unclear as to who the winner will be. Though, 80% of TV sales this past quarter were high definition televisions, so this will give the HD disc market the boost it wants to hopefully sell its product to the consumers.

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