News: MSI Announces First AMD RD790 Board

road-runner - October 10, 2007 05:19PM in Motherboards, General News

MSI made public today its K9A2 Platinum Motherboard based on AMD's RD790 chipset, officially called the 790FX. The motherboard comes with a host of new features, including support for AMD quad-core processors and Crossfire X. The 790FX like Intel's new X-38 has PCIE 2.0 which is double bandwidth speed of the existing PCIE 1.0, and has four PCIE x16 slots with support for AMD's Triple-Play Technology. In addition, MSI goes a step further by offering Quad Crossfire capability on the motherboard. No official launch date was mentioned, but AMD guidance claims ATI RV670, Phenom and RD790 will launch together next month.