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News: Catalyst 7.10 Improves DX10 Performance

Category: Video Cards, Gaming
Posted: 10:19PM

Extreme Tech - Vista has long been plagued by lower game performance when compared to Windows XP. Many believe this is part of the reason gamer uptake on Vista has been so low. Over the past few months we have been seeing more and more improvements to the new OS in the gaming world with the release of bigger, faster video cards as well as DirectX10 support. Even after the release of DirectX10 compatible video cards, many games were at best sluggish under most circumstances in Vista. Some of that has changed with ATi's Catalyst 7.10 drivers. Some improvements, like that experienced in BF2142 are mild with a 5-23% increase, while others, such as crossfire performance in Company of Heroes, have seen improvements as high as 80%. It should be interesting to see what the future of DX10 gaming has to offer.

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