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News: RIAA Eyes Next Possible Targets: CD Burners, Radio Listeners

Category: Copyright Infringers, General News
Posted: 07:54AM

Daily Tech - With the the recent landmark verdict that awarded the RIAA $222,000 in royalties, the RIAA is now using this precedent to turn its sights to other forms of copyright infringement, including people who burn CD's of music they have already purchased, and people who listen to a loud radio in a public place. Sounds farfetched, doesn't it? Think again. The RIAA and its British counter-part, the PRS, are seeking royalties from certain companies that allow their employees to listen to the radio loud enough for groups of people to hear it. Of course these goings on have the political crowd in a divide as well. Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA), a long-time proponent of fair use, says that the recent suit has gone way over the line, while the Bush administration says that the ruling is fair and a positive example of our nation's laws at work.

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