News: Viruses Hit 1 million Computers In China

jammin - October 8, 2007 11:52AM in Internet, General News, Bugs / Virus

Last week in China there was a national holiday known as 'Golden Week'. So a lot of people were off work for the whole week, a perfect time to catch up on some web browsing and email you might think? Well it also happened that three different viruses attacked computers in China during the week, affecting nearly 1 million computers and causing them to crash. It isn't the only problem China's web users have experienced recently, with a Pacific earthquake damaging undersea cables earlier in the year, slowing internet connections and forcing many people to resort to using their old fax machines.

Despite these problems, there are still frequent accusations that the Chinese military have attempted to, or even successfully hacked into sensitive government systems in the US and Europe. Naturally China denies such claims.