News: Nvidia Admits Defeat in 3DMark06

road-runner - October 7, 2007 01:25PM in General News

Some people claim that synthetic benchmarks such as 3DMark aren't everything, whether they are or not is another story. Appears that Nvidia has admitted defeat in the DX9 version of 3DMark06 according to highly ranked sources. Nvidia's high end performer the 8800Ultra costing $599 scores 12,500 points in 3DMark06, while ATI's cheaper $250 video card is scoring a thousand points less. I wonder how that makes the owners of Nvidia's Ultra feel? It should be interesting, to see the results when Futuremark releases the DX10 version of 3DMark, when that will be released was not mentioned. When it comes to ATI's part, you know what to expect in this synthetic benchmark, outscoring Radeon HD 2900XT is a default mode of operation for RV670XT. At least in lower resolutions.