Hardware Roundup Friday Morning Edition

kingdingeling - October 5, 2007 10:20AM in Video Cards, CPU's, Power Supplies, Cooling, Gaming, CPU Cooling

Looking around the net today, we have reviews for all kinds of hardware. Bjorn3D has an eSATA External HDD case up for reviewing, the ICY DOCK MB664US-1S. DarkVision Hardware has the SilverStone MFP51 Multimedia LCD Display on the test bench, which sounds like a cool gimmick for an HTPC. Speaking of a HTPC, people usually try to keep them as quiet as possible, possibly through a 'silent' case. Techgage is reviewing the AcoustiProducts AcoustiCase 340, which is might just be that silent case. TechARP has an update about the pre-launch of the Intel 45nm Core 2 Mobile Processors. Further, Bit-tech is reviewing the Zalman Reserator XT, which is an external watercooling system. For the gamers among us, there is a good selection of interesting things, starting with some hardware. The Viperlair is reviewing the MSI NX8600GT OC Edition, which 'may have a minimal package but sure is easy on the wallet'. Further on the hardware side of things, the OCModShop is looking at the insides of the Corsair HX620W, a power supply that has become quite popular amongst enthusiasts. Going over to the software, PC Perspective is having a look at DirectX 10 Gaming Performance of high-end GPUs.

- ICY DOCK MB664US-1S: 3.5" Hard Drive eSATA External Storage Review @ Bjorn3D
- AcoustiProducts AcoustiCase 340 @ Techgage
- Intel 45nm Core 2 Mobile Processor Pre-Launch Update @ TechARP
- A Look Inside Corsair's HX620W Power Supply @ OCModShop
- MSI NX8600GT OC Edition Review @ Viperlair
- SilverStone MFP51 Multimedia LCD Display Review @ DarkVision Hardware
- Zalman Reserator XT Review @ Bit-Tech
- DirectX 10 Gaming Performance Review - High End GPUs @ PC Perspective