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News: AMD Barcelona Here At Last

Category: CPU's, Manufacturers
Posted: 06:52AM

PCWorld - The talk about Barcelona has been going on for so long now, that it seems like an age has passed in the time it has taken for the chips to actually hit the market. AMD has a line-up of nine quad-core 'Barcelona' Opterons at launch, with clock speeds ranging from 1.7GHz to 2GHz. The top end of the new Opteron chip offerings are filled with the 8300 series, which are designed for use in systems with four or more processors. The 2GHz 8350 comes in at a price of $1039 in 1,000 unit quantities and with a TDP (thermal design power) of 95W. Other chips in the 8300 series include the 8347 (1.9GHz, $786, 95W TDP) and two 'HE' models, the 8347 HE and 8346 HE. The HE models come with a lower TDP of 68W and run at 1.9GHZ and 1.8GHz respectively, being priced at $873 and $698.

Quad-Core Opterons for systems with one or two processors come in five different versions at launch. The 2300 series come in the same clock speeds and TDP ratings as the 8300 series, but add a further HE model to the line up. The 1.7GHz Opteron 2344 HE knocks the price down to $209 in 1,000 unit quantities, while the 2GHZ 2350 comes in at $389. AMD are saying the new chips are faster than previous Opterons and as they use the same socket upgrading should be straight forward in most cases. With review sites already testing the new chips, it will be interesting to see if they outperform Intel's current server offerings. Even if they can, Intel still has the 45nm Penryn refresh up its sleeve and AMD may need to ramp up clock speeds quickly to compete.

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