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News: US Justice Department For Two-Tier Internet

Category: Internet, General News
Posted: 08:25AM

BBC News - The US Justice Department has come out against the idea of "net neutrality", which aims to make sure that all data on the internet is treated equally. The agency's stance on the matter puts them at odds with giant companies Microsoft and Google who both want legislation to guarantee equal access to the internet. The Justice Department has said that implementing net neutrality legislation could stifle the internet's development and prevent ISPs from upgrading networks. US ISPs such as Verison and AT&T have said previously that they would like to charge users more money for certain content. There is still a large contingent of people who support the idea of net neutrality and an 'open' internet, notably including inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

The debate will likely continue for a while before any solid decisions are made, but once they are it could change the face of the web as we know it.

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