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News: NVIDIA Cheats In HD HQV Benchmark?

Category: Video Cards, Digital Photography/Video
Posted: 07:05AM

DailyTech - AMD (ATI) and NVDIA have never been afraid to accuse each other of shady tactics to gain an upper hand. This continues in the latest allegation by AMD, that NVIDIA cheated Silicon Optix’s HD HQV benchmark, or more specifically in the noise reduction section of the benchmark (which also happens to account for 25% of the overall score). AMD is saying that NVIDIA has been using an aggressive noise reduction algorithm, which causes visible ghosting. Of course NVIDIA have denied the claims and say that the tests were performed with older ForceWare 163.11 beta drivers that default to an aggressive setting. Apparently the newest ForceWare 163.44 beta drivers have a less aggressive noise reduction setting as default. NVIDIA also note that noise reduction settings can be manually adjusted by the user and even turned off completely. You might think that large companies like these would be above banding accusations around and let products speak for themselves, but as long as money depends on it I'm sure it will continue.

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