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News: Fujitsu Technology Could Triple HDD Capacity

Category: Manufacturers, Storage / Hard Drives, General News
Posted: 02:16PM

BetaNews - There always seems to be some story going around about storage media and how a new technology will allow ever higher densities of storage. Fujitsu has been talking recently about some of its technology, which involves using nano-scale structures to cram more data onto a hard drive platter. Of course, actual products are what most people are interested in. That being the case, Fujitsu are saying to expect 2.5" and 3.5" drives with three times the capacity of current models in three years. Pretty much in line with previous increases then I guess. - jammin *News Editor*

"The solution Fujitsu engineers came up with is in a sense anything but novel, and proof positive that Edison had the right idea a century ago. First, they create a mold of the inverse of the surface of their nanoscale HDDs, and into this mold they inscribe grooves. If you've ever played a vinyl record album...yes, that kind of groove, except just not spiral. Its pitch is just 45 nm wide, which is perfect for the spot size of the guiding laser Fujitsu has in mind. This "land groove mold" is then imprinted onto the HDD surface, with the embossed areas carving little notches, like in a potato garden, where pits can be planted and grown."

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